Get Involved

Data Science is a new discipline interacting with science, engineering, and industry in many ways. Find out how to get involved in our many efforts.

How to Get Involved

Get Connected

Want hear more about exciting advances in data science around campus and nationally, sign up for the Data Science Seminar mailing list.


As a student want to find out about student events, see the Data Science Club.


As a faculty/researcher on campus, would you like to be come an core or affiliate member? Core Members help with the leadership of these activities, research in data science, and help support and raise support for data science events on campus. Affiliated Members represent various data science efforts around campus, and kept most up-to-date on all new data science research and outreach activities promoted by the center.

  • To become a core member, talk to another core member about being nominated.
  • To become a Affiliated Member, send a short letter (email) and CV to the Director of Outreach.

Membership Plans


We encourage and look forward to stronger ties with the local and national data science industry.

  • Give a talk about technical data science developments and/or collaboration opportunities in the data science seminar. Students will appreciate a small advertisement (5-10 minutes) about internships/jobs. Email We ask $100 to cover the cost of pizza for the event.
  • Give a talk directly to the students group: demo some data science technology and/or describe exciting job and intership opportunities. Email to get involved. We ask $100 to cover the cost of pizza (to do so, coordinate with
  • Have an idea to sponsor another event: a hack-a-thon, a CV workshop, a demo, or something grander, contact
  • There will be opportunities posted here to get involved in the upcoming Data Science Day. In the mean time, to show interest, contact the Director of Outreach.