Data Science Club

Our mission is to help students of all skill levels (first year to PhD) learn about data science and machine learning through tutorials, presentations from industry professionals, and hands-on experience.

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We’d love for you to reach out to us about any events you’d like to happen, ideas you have, or interest you have in becoming involved in club leadership! To contact us directly, email Vivek Gupta at or Kori South at


Below are some resources to help you on your journey to learn data science! These resources only scratch the surface, so if you come across anything you find useful or enlightening please reach out to the club leadership so we can put it here.

Our Seminar Recordings
Resources for Finding Data Science Progams
  • Data Science Programs - This is a comprehensive guide for Data Science that includes career profiles, licensing and certification data by state, interviews with Data Science professionals, and occupational outlooks for the industry.
Python Introduction Resources
Introductory Machine Learning Resources
Deep Learning Resources