• UofU Datathon4Justice The UofU datathon4justice is aimed at introducing undergraduates to the use of quantitative methods to address social justice questions. The main event is a weekend-long datathon in which teams will tackle environmental justice problems relevant to our SLC community. Registration is open until March 11, 2022, see UofU Datathon4Justice for the details.
  • Fall 2020 Data Science Seminar Series The Fall 2020 Data Science Seminar is active with many great virtual talks, and active discussions. It is co-organized by the UCDS and the Utah Data Science Club. It will be completely virtual, and all are welcome to attend. It features both data science experts from around the U, as well as rising stars from other universities and research labs. Follow along on the seminar page.
  • Summer Seminar Series, by Utah Data Science Club The Utah Data Science Club has launched a Summer Seminar Series. It will be completely virutal and feature talks by exciting researchers from Utah and beyond. Follow the Club page for more details.
  • Utah Center for Data Science Website Launches The Utah Center for Data Science has publically launched its new website! Explore our members and activities, and most importantly, get in touch! We look forward to having more activities posted for Fall, and as stay-at-home orders are safe to relax.
  • Utah Center for Data Science Launches In Fall 2019, the University of Utah Academic Senate officially approved the creation of the Utah Center for Data Science.